Chapter 21 – Final internal BID tapes

I started out today knocking out the most difficult layup left that faced me to finish out the interior strake BID tapes.  This BID tape is the last in the baggage area that seals the seams between the rib/bulkhead T-hats and the floxed-in-place upper strake skin.

Specifically, this is the right side layup between the top of the BL23 rib T-hat and the underside strake skin.

That being said, I did do a few more layups inside the strakes, although I didn’t get pictures of those.  I guess I really wasn’t in a picture taking mood today but I’ll grab some pics and detail those tomorrow.

I did get the base mount for the GIB map light figured out and constructed.

I simply used a 1-1/2″ hole saw to cut a disk out of 1/8″ thick phenolic.  The reason for this disk is that I need a spacer to allow for a channel for the wires to run through… which I cut in the disk with the Dremel tool.

I then drilled the 3x #6 mounting holes in the base.

Here we have the #6 screws securing the map light to the 1/8″ thick phenolic mounting base.

And another shot of the map light secured to its mounting base.

I had planned on floxing in and installing the GIB map light later this evening, but when I wetted out the prepregged ply of BID for the right longeron-bare fuselage side foam-strake skin layup at the GIB strake baggage opening, I had a brain fart and used half slow and half fast hardener.  This added hours to the cure time so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to install the GIB map light.

With some epoxy left over in the cup from this layup, I quickly prepregged about a 2″ x 2″ ply of BID and laid it up in the right front corner between the original fuselage sidewall
—just off the front seat face— and the underside of the top strake skin.  I then peel plied that layup.  This finalized all the internal strake BID tapes except the left side longeron-bare fuselage side foam-strake skin layup… which I’ll do after the final exterior top strake skin layups.

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