Chapter 21/22 – Prereq Encore

Well, as I was consolidating my to-do list I realized I had a few holdovers of tasks that I had intended to knock out along with the pre-strake prerequisite tasks.  These tasks are close enough that I decided today to just get them off the plate.

The first task was creating a “bridge” around the Dynon intercom on the right front pilot sidewall to facilitate routing the upper wiring bundle to keep it wrangled and clear of the lower control stick tube.  I started out by taping everything up to protect it from errant epoxy.

Here’s a lower/straight on view of my protective tape job.  Note the new test fit/install of the Adel clamp in the RivNut hardpoint over on the left . . .

I then prepregged and laid up 6 plies of BID around the very lower edge of the Dynon intercom.  Again, this “bridge” will allow me to route and secure the upper wiring bundle and should keep it out of the way of the lower control tube as it swings outboard towards the sidewall during normal flying ops.

Moving aft, I also added a dollop of 5-minute epoxy to the center of a peel and stick wire tie point on the forward half of the GIB right armrest storage bin.  This tie point is to further secure the upper wiring bundle in that area . . .

As you can see here:

I then did a little more work on the heat/air duct system by first securing the SCAT tubing to both the aft side duct assembly and the forward duct assembly. This required trimming the SCAT tubing a bit shorter.  I then micro’d the aft duct assembly into the lower left pilot seat back bulkhead and laid up a narrow piece of BID on each side and the top.

Here’s more of a side view.  The cordless drill is providing a bit of weight to keep the aft duct assembly positioned in the seat back channel nice and tight.

Here’s a shot of the front side of this SCAT tubing, connected to the intermediate 3-way duct assembly.

Again, back in the rear seat area I trimmed up both the forward and aft relief tube segments before tying them together with a nylon connector.

My last task of the evening was to remove all but 3 screws out of each GIB thigh support sump tank cover plate.  Since these are easily accessible now, this will just help make it easier to get into the sump tanks later on down the road after the strakes are installed.

Ok, tomorrow I really do plan on getting back to work on the actual strake build!

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