Chapter 21 – Left strake T-hat Prep

Today wasn’t a huge build day, but I did lay a lot of groundwork for the left strake rib and baffle T-hat layups.

First, I quickly removed the protective red thread plugs from the strake fuel drain blocks and replaced them with the actual drains… just to ensure all was good and get a visual on how they would look once this bird is flying.

I then spent well over an hour cleaning up and sanding the upper inch or so of each rib, baffle, intersection and joint on the left strake in prep for the T-hat layups.

I then spent a bit of time taping up the underside of the left strake top skin core in prep for the peel ply and BID strips that will be laid up on the tape first, then all transferred to the tops of the ribs and baffles.

I then took a bit more time to measure and cut out all the peel ply.

And then finally I spent nearly 2 hours cutting out all the T-hat top BID strips.

It was getting later in the evening and I was meeting friends out for dinner. I had planned on cutting out all the underside BID tapes that will connect the bottom edge of each T-hat to its respective rib or baffle…. but it got late and I was too tired.  I’ll do that tomorrow before knocking out the left side T-hat layups.

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