Chapter 21 – Lost my Marble!

Today I started off by pulling the peel ply from both the floxed in fuel & vent lines at the front, top side of the fuel sump outboard walls, and aft side mini-wall that I created in order to be able to contour the sump bottom with micro.

I then made this video providing an overview thus far on my fuel sump & fuel system.  I also do a water flow test using a marble, which I momentarily misplaced, hence the blog title.

I then laid up 2 plies of BID over the fuel pulsation damper Adel clamp click bond.

And 3 plies of BID over the 3 click bonds that will secure the FT-60 ‘Red Cube’ fuel flow sensor bracket to the Hell Hole sidewall.

Speaking of which, here’s the bracket for the FT-60 ‘Red Cube’ fuel flow sensor right after I drilled the 3 lightening holes on the lower portion of it.

And here’s the FT-60 ‘Red Cube’ fuel flow sensor bracket set in place after the click bond BID cured.  There is some gunk at the base of one of the click bonds that I need to clean up so that the bracket will mount fully onto the click bonds, but I’ll save that until tomorrow.

Something I didn’t get a pic of was my work on the fuel sump cover.  I spent a good hour shaping it before putting weights on it and then heating it up for a good bit with a heat gun.  I then let it cure for a good while as I went out for a bit.

As per usual on my weekends, tomorrow I’ll continue to work the fuel sump and associated components before I head out for the evening tomorrow night.


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