Chapter 17 & 21 – Boo E-Z Poxy!!!

Ok, obviously I have no hard facts or empirical evidence here, but after some cleanups and just general workings with E-Z Poxy, I have to say –or rather my gut says– that E-Z Poxy is just not as strong as MGS.

Case in point.  Yes, this may just be an isolated, one-off chance incident, but in the myriad of click bonds that I have used in my build thus far, I have always given the threads a good wipe down after I layup the glass over top of them, and then after it cures I use a thin standard nut to clean up any small film of epoxy from the threads.  I start the thread on, and analogous to tapping threads, I tighten it till it gets firm, give it a little extra push, then back off.

I’ve never had an issue cleaning the threads this way until I hit my first click bond that I used some leftover E-Z Poxy flox to mount the 3 click bonds for the Red Cube mounting bracket.  As soon as I got to that first little oomph, I could tell the click bond snapped free of its bonded base.  Of course, then I didn’t have a good way to get the nut off since the base was spinning feely!  After messing around with it for a bit, I simply used my Dremel cutoff tool and ridded myself of the useless post & nut.  For the next 2 click bonds I was of course much more cautious, gentle and moved much slower, grumbling and NOT happy with E-Z Poxy the entire time!

Coincidence?!  Maybe so, but this builder will never find out because I’ll simply stick to MGS from here on out.  Thus, my cool 3 click bond posts for the Red Cube mounting bracket are now simply 2 posts, and I’ll flox on the mounting bracket for extra measure when it goes on.  Since these sit on the fuselage layup for the main landing gear mounting brackets, I’m not messing around with digging that click bond out or redoing it…. I just won’t chance doing more damage to some very critical fiberglass.  I’ll just chalk it up to being in the aptly named “Hell Hole” and move on . . . with lesson learned in hand.

With the MGS epoxy that I used for laying up the BID over the fuel pulsation damper Adel clamp and red cube mounting bracket click bonds, I also had whipped up some flox to mount the slightly undersized threaded rod of the lower roll trim spring assembly into the RAC servo’s clevis.  I forgot to get a pic yesterday, but here it is today nice and cured.

I had planned to do much more but messing around with the kaput click bond burned up the time I had since I had to take off mid afternoon to see some friends.  Tomorrow will be essentially a non-build day so I’ll get back to it Monday, although Monday late afternoon I’ll be helping a friend with some stuff . . . so also not a full build day!


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