Chapter 21 – Lower strake panels

Today I started out by doing a fair bit of research in CSA, etc. on fuel tank grounding, and inlaying a ply or two of Kevlar underneath the fuel filler cap (to protect the tank floor from any overly aggressive fuel nozzles).

After finalizing my plans for both, I then got around to glassing the left strake inside lower skin foam core glass in the actual fuel tank and outboard areas.  In addition to the 1 ply of BID I laid up a single ply of 5.5″ x 5.5″ Kevlar on top of the BID directly below where the fuel filler cap will go.

I then peel plied the layup.

Moving on to the right strake inside lower skin core baggage compartment 1-ply BID with MGS epoxy layup: I pulled the peel ply and knife trimmed the edges.

It was getting pretty late, so I then merely cut and prepped all the glass…

And the peel ply . . .

And then called it a night.  First thing tomorrow I plan on glassing this final interior side of a strake skin panel.

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