Chapter 21 – My CS spar is gone!!

My strakes are done!  Chapter 21 is complete.

(Yes… minus the fuel cap installs.  Ya got me!)

So, in effect, my CS spar has essentially disappeared into the strake matrix… ha!

I waited 12 hours to allow the right strake top glass to cure before pulling the peel ply.

I wanted to check out how well the peel ply work before I glassed the left side and decided whether or not to peel ply the left side.

I’m happy to report that the peel ply worked great and I will certainly be peel plying the left strake top layups.

I then got to work laying up the UNI plies on the left strake top.

Here we have all the UNI plies, per plans, laid up on the left strake top.

Again, here is the left strake top glassed.  Since I used up pretty much all of the EZ Poxy hardener on the right strake top layups, the left side is getting my normal MGS.  If you’ve taken a look at epoxy prices lately (make sure you’re sitting down!) then you’ll understand why I’m so glad I was able to squeak out a rather large layup as I did on the right side using the leftover hardener I had on hand.

Meaning, yes, I will have different colored strakes until I get to the point of applying micro finishing and then painting these bad boys.  I’m thinking it will be hard to tell what epoxy I used after they are primed and painted <grin>.

Then, as I did on the right side, I peel plied the left side top strake layups.

Here are the left top strake layups peel plied.

And with that, I called it a night!

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