Chapter 21 – Right Troika Ribs

I did a little clean up starting out today on the left strake R45 rib mouse holes… some glass overhanging the edges of the mouse holes that I removed.  Although the layups look a bit sloppy due to the copious amounts of filling flox, I’m really pleased with how these ribs came out.

My main goal today was to get the left side BL23 rib installed, but I wanted to get all the commotion, vibrations, etc. out of the way on the right outboard ribs first, what with sanding and using the Fein saw and all.

I started by marking the top and bottom cut lines on the aft fuel wall that sits in between the R45 and modified OD rib.

I then trimmed the aft fuel wall as well as beveled the front “nose” sections of the R45 and OD rib.

I then got to work on the left side BL23 rib.  I used a piece of wood coming down from the cross level to secure the rib while I floxed and glassed it in place.

Here’s the left strake BL23 rib as viewed from the outboard side.

And a shot through the BL23 aft inspection port to view the fuel drain. Note the 1-ply corner BID tape securing the BL23 rib to the CS spar, as per plans.

The front layups on the BL23 rib outboard side . . .

And the inboard.

From the very front side of the strake leading looking aft.  Again, a 1-ply BID corner tape securing the BL23 rib to the CS spar.

And more of high vantage point shot.

Tomorrow I plan on getting the BAB and DB baffles installed on the left strake.  I also plan on dialing in the right strake leading edge in prep to install it as well.


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