Chapter 21 – Strake compartments

Today was all about getting the outboard strake storage compartment hinges into place.

Yes, this is just another mod of many.  I know mods move the timeline to the right a fair amount, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to add some fairly significant and handy storage that will prove —IMO— to be very beneficial and make life easier in the long run.

I started out by grabbing my 1/16″ thick stock of G10 phenolic to create a reinforcement plate for each side, as called out for in the included instructions to these hidden hinges.

I took the G10 out in front of my shop and cut it with my saber saw.  I then cleaned them up on the sanding boards and 100 grit sandpaper.

I measured the thickness of the hinge and the reinforcement plate together which came out right around 0.113″.  I set my calipers at 0.105 inches and marked a line for cutout on each “OD” rib.  I then notched the “OD” rib on each side (see below) and dialed in the depth with a bit of judicious sanding.

I then prepped 2x #10 RivNuts for each hinge.  I taped the bottom of the hinge to protect against any gunk and then mounted the prepped RivNuts.

I then prepped the holes in each “OD” rib to ensure the RivNuts could be mounted even with the top of the rib if required.

I then floxed the RivNuts into the rib holes and set a clamp on the plate/hinge.  Here’s the left side . . .

And the right.

A few hours later I pulled the clamps off the hinge/plate assemblies.

And then took the screws out to reveal floxed-in-place RivNuts in the “OD” ribs.

After counter-sinking the reinforcing plates, I then assembled the reinforcement plate/hinge assemblies with countersunk screws in place..

I then used a good bit of flox and micro to install the reinforcing plate/hinge assemblies in place.  Again, here’s the left side . . .

And the right side.

As a point of note, here’s what the right side hidden hinge assembly looks like in the down position.

I set a clamp on each hinge assembly just to make sure nothing crazy happened overnight, and then called it a night myself.

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