Chapter 22/23 – Starter-Alternator Link

Well, I know I said that I was going to get back to my To-Do task list today… well, I didn’t. Since I posted my engine pics on the FaceBook Rutan group page, I’ve actually been quite busy either answering questions or researching topics that I may not have been as clear on as I originally thought.

Two such distinct topics were corrosion control (i.e. Alodine or paint) for the outer/upper cylinders.  The other topic surrounded the viability and safety of the PMag Electronic Ignition unit . . . let’s just say enough questions to cause me to take pause to research (for many hours) these stated issues regarding the PMag.  Although I will stick with the PMag and do believe it will work well for my configuration, I have learned a lot during this collaboration process and have a much better understanding and appreciation for the PMag unit, both in its good operations and when things go south.

I went out for a quick bit early this evening and checked the mail when I returned.  My alternator-starter support link had arrived, so I quickly tested out its fit.  It took a bit of measuring and trial & error to finally get it installed (there’s no instructions btw) the only way it will actually fit on both units.

However, there is a bit of gap (~0.110″) between the link and the alternator bracket that I’ll need to fill in with washers during the final installation.

For a bit I thought maybe the link went on the inside of the alternator mounting crossbar, but when I measured, the hole on the link attachment was 0.44″ in diameter while the crossbar was 0.49″ in diameter.  Obviously the link couldn’t fit over this crossbar (blue arrow below) which then mandated that it be mounted on the aft surface of each component (alternator & starter) bracket.

I took a pic last year at Rough River of Marco’s wingtip light cover because I thought it was pretty darn cool.  I asked the builder of Marco’s plane, Terry Lamp, where he got it.  He stated he picked it up off a hangar mate, but beyond that he had no recollection where the set came from.  Well, when I opened up the Sq. III Newsletter this morning, I was pleased to see that someone who makes these (not sure if it’s the original maker or not) is selling them.

Upon seeing the Sq. III writeup, I immediately fired off an order to the guy who makes them, Anthony.  I seriously plan on incorporating these Light Covers into my design!

Ok, tomorrow I’ll try to get back to my build task list for at least a few hours.


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