Chapter 23 – Engine Miscellaneous

Since I brought the engine back home to my shop, I’ve been doing a fair bit of mock engine component installs and taking note of what I’ll need on hand to finish the engine installation when the time comes.

One such subject item are the firewall pass thrus.  As I reported last week, I picked up a 1/2″ ID stainless steel firewall pass thru and liked the concept so much I ordered another 2 of them to finish off my acquisition tasks for purchasing firewall pass thrus.

After a test install of the alternator and starter, I was also able to measure and then order the appropriate alternator-to-starter support link (1.794″ version) from B&C Avionics.

I also identified a myriad number of hardware/fitting pieces that will need to be on hand to install the starter, fuel lines, exhaust pipes, etc.  Although I did identify a bunch of these items, I have not yet ordered them as I am building an order currently on ACS.

Finally, I was able to grab the parts I needed to finish off the Engine Dehydrator System. So, as I often do, I made a video to provide an overview of this system.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to the grind of completing items off my task list.  I only have a few solid build days left before I need to start packing –once again– for yet another trip to haul a load of household stuff down to NC.



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