Chapter 22/23 – Electrical Workbench

Starting off, I just want to say that this will most likely be my last post for about a week since I’m hauling another load of household goods down to North Carolina in prep for my move there later this year.

One thing I did that was both helpful in the move sense and with my Long-EZ build was that I tore down the cockpit mockup/simulator that I never really did use much.  I then used the bottom base as a temporary TV stand so that I could pack up and move the actual TV stand, and then I dismantled the top part that made up the actual fuselage mockup.

With the sides of the fuselage mockup I then built an electrical work bench that will also serve to help store a myriad of electrical-related aircraft stuff that was situated on my dining room table, which –you guessed it!– is getting hauled down to NC this trip.

The pegboard that is now mounted on top of the electrical work bench was attached to the storage shelf in my shop right next to my fold down glass cutting table.  Since I’m emptying the majority of that shelf, and no longer need this pegboard down in the shop, I repurposed it to be able to organize my electrical components (note the clear plastic box to the left jammed full of bags of wiring assemblies and harnesses).

What was once the seat back in my cockpit mockup now serves as my end table (the actual end table is visible at the bottom of the pic).  The coffee table (AKA “my work desk”) and round bar-top table that currently holds up the instrument panel mockup are both going as well, so when I return I’ll be building a couple more temporary tables for the remainder of my time in this house.  Obviously tables & workbenches that I can disassemble in no time at all.

As far as actual aircraft stuff, one item that I just received is my brass 90° fuel pump overboard vent fitting.  I have to say that when I simply did a test install for this fitting, I could tell that it is going to be REALLY close to the firewall with the engine installed.  I might be required to provide a dished-out clearance on the firewall for both this fitting and possibly the B&C SD-8 backup alternator as well.  However, I will also be assessing options for a lower profile fitting (perhaps a banjo style) that might provide better clearance.

My last item to report is that I also received the Thermal Fan Controller that will control both fans in the D-Deck/Turtleback/GIB Headrest that will allow cooling for the SD-8 voltage regulator, SD-8 bridge rectifier and Electroair EI control unit, as well as all the other electrical components in that compartment (sorry for the crappy pic).

An aft side view of the thermal fan controller.  I placed the 9V batteries in the pic just as a reference for the size of this unit.  In addition to being quite small, it’s as light as a feather.

The weather has continued to be quite cold here…. again, not freezing, but pretty darn close at night while the days have been in the 40s to maybe low 50s.  Hopefully when I return from my weeklong sojourn down to NC the weather will have improved enough to start some shop work.



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