Chapter 22/23 – Throttle Handle Lever

Today I finished up some minor, albeit somewhat time-consuming, tasks to finish up the last little bit for my last video segment that I got too busy and too lazy to finish last night.

With the fervor of Bill Gates, I de-populated the P4B connector of its sockets and used temporary Post-It labels to ensure I knew what wire was what as each one went back into the connector.  I realized that if I had to do this again in the future this would be a fool’s errand if I didn’t label each wire permanently with its associated socket number.

So I spent a good little bit of time labeling all the throttle handle wires and double-checking them against my connector pin-out sheet.

I then ran the connector-free throttle wire cable/wires through the hole in the new throttle handle lever.

And then through the 3D printed wire guide that I then mounted to the outboard side of the throttle handle lever.

With these tasks complete, I knocked out the last bit of my video and got ‘er uploaded.  Here it is.

Tomorrow I plan on verifying that the throttle handle height and clearance with the mixture lever is good.  I also plan on drilling and mounting the throttle cable tab to the throttle cable bracket on the engine before I dial in the throttle and mixture cable operations between throttle quadrant and fuel injection servo.  Once the primary throttle cable configuration is finalized, I’ll then move on to installing the GIB throttle.

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