Chapter 22/23 – Turning the tide

Today I started out by wiring up the instrument panel dimmer that handles the dimming for the Trio Autopilot, TruTrak ADI, Vertical compass card, both AG6 Warning Annunciators and possibly the Dynon intercom.

As you see in the pic below, the setup and wiring of this dimmer is much more user friendly than the dimmer I trashed yesterday, with the wire ports on this one clearly identified.

After wiring up the dimmer above, I then took a short video to provide an overview of both dimmers.  So without further ado, I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story:

I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing some much needed spring cleaning in the shop.  This is really just the first round of cleaning, and the goal tonight was to gain access to, and then retrieve, the engine hoist as it will be needed here shortly to move my hefty engine around (yay!).

I started by cleaning off both the glass cutting table (a view I haven’t seen in a LONG while) and the fuselage dolly beneath it.

I then stowed the glass cutting table (again, it’s been a while).  Not seen is the myriad of stuff I took to the back room in prep for packing it up and moving it down to North Carolina.

After another hour+ of cleaning and organizing, I gained access to the shop closet where I had stored the engine hoist.  The hoist was in the back of the closet, so I had to move a ton of blue wing foam [that I’m saving for the nose] and boxes of other foam.

Finally, I carefully worked this big monster out of the shop closet and managed not to destroy anything.  I’m hoping the next time I post pictures of this bad boy it will have an engine hanging from it.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Winchester, Virginia to finish (hopefully!) the engine.  If all goes well I’ll be hauling that baby home tomorrow afternoon (again, fingers crossed!).


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