Chapter 22/25 – Watching paint dry…

The Epifanes paint system allows me to apply another coat within a 24-48 hour period without having to sand the current paint coat.  Since I finished the last round of painting around midnight I didn’t want to do the next round of painting right at the 24 hour mark, since obviously that’s pretty darn late.  Thus, I chose to use the time allotted me per the Epifanes manual to push the next paint coat application during more reasonable hours.

As I “watched” my paint dry I got a couple key tasks knocked out.

First up was filling in some dings that I inflicted on the edges of the gap —primarily on the left strake/wing as seen here— between the strake and wing when I recut that junction.

But also on the right wing edge as well.

Next, I checked the charge on my Integrated Backup Battery System to find that it was 13.09 volts.  The window it should be in is between 13.5-14.5 volts.  So I connected it up to the battery charger to get it back into specs.

I also did a good bit of research and install info refresh on the baggage pod install to allow me to install the hard points —in the proper locations <wink>— while the bird is currently flipped inverted.

Tomorrow I plan on installing the baggage pod hardpoints and then complete the next round of blue painting on the fuselage and the collective parts.


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