Chapter 22 – Cables, cables, cables

Today’s post is just a quick update showing some cable builds.

First off is the 3-wire braided cable for the Nose Gear Auto Extend laser altimeter.  These three 22AWG wires will provide power, ground and signal path from the laser altimeter into the Auto Extend Module (AEM).

After terminating the wire ends with mini-Molex pins (above) I then inserted the pins into a connector body.

I also soldered 2x 22AWG wires to a 9-pin DSub connector to make up the connector that all the panel components that require an external dimming control will tie into.  The black wire with the DSub pin is a ground wire to the avionics ground bus (G5) for the dimmer module shown at the bottom of the pic below.

Finally, although I didn’t make this cable, I thought I’d show it just to hint at a bit of progress on the GPS navigator install front.  I ordered a 12′ RG400 cable with a TNC connector on one end (mounted to the GPS antenna in below pic) and a 90° BNC connector on the other end.  Since I only need around 6′ for the GPS antenna, I’ll use about half of the RG400 cable and the BNC connector somewhere else.

That’s all for now folks!


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