Chapter 22 – Final Brackets, this time!

After the BID glass cured on the Throttle Handle electronics cable P4 connector bracket, I pulled the peel ply and razor trimmed the glass.  As I was redrilling the connector mounting holes I set this connector body in place to ensure the spacing was good.

So, here’s the final product for Throttle Handle electronics cable P4 connector bracket.

I then did pretty much the same thing for the Dynon Intercom bracket: pulled peel plied, razor trimmed, redrilled holes and sanded it all to clean it up.  I then set the intercom in place to see how it fit.  I’m definitely happy with how this intercom mounting is turning out so far.

What I’m not happy with is the forward right bracket nutplate.  It’s giving me fits and I’m going to have to drill it out and remount just a hair forward and inboard for it to align correctly with the intercom mounting hole.

Of course the other 3 nutplates went in without any issues, unlike the last one!

Besides redoing the 4th nutplate, I’ll also assess whether or not I need an angled strut at one or either end of the bracket to help support the cantilevered intercom.  I must say that this bracket is amazingly strong, but with vibrations abounding in flight I think I’ll throw on one small corner bracket to bolster it a bit.  It will weigh next to nothing but will add a lot of structural support.


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