Chapter 22 – P6 Connector Wired

Although I did get a fair bit of football watching in, I still managed to print out a couple sets of wire labels and get over a half-dozen cross connect wires constructed so that I would have something to label!

Here’s a shot of the right-side Triparagon with the P6 (A side) connector about 90% populated,which includes cross connects from the E-Bus.

To highlight what’s involved on these: every wire that is made must be double-checked for the proper gage, color and ID label.  I then ensure that this is documented both on the connector pinout sheets and also in any of the pertinent wiring diagrams.  For grounds especially, I ensure not only that the ground buss matrix spreadsheet is updated but that the wires are connected to the optimum terminal on the buss. Obviously, buss terminal placement for each power buss termination is scrutinized as well.

Right side Triparagon cross connect wiring

Here’s a closer look at the main bus and the wires terminated into the P6 connector.

Right side Triparagon cross connect wiring

Tomorrow I’ll continue to finalize all the Triparagon cross connect wiring, primarily on the J4 Signal PQD connector.  It should be another day or two max and I should be done with the wiring that can be completed this go around.  Then on to the Wheel Pants!



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