Chapter 22 – Video Switch Test

First off, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, this will be my last post for a almost 2 weeks as I head south to visit friends in NC for the Thanksgiving holiday.  In addition, I’ll be taking a load of household goods to storage as I slowly transition to North Carolina. Over the next few months, my house will look more and more as it did in Germany… the bare minimum for living and all the rest a Long-EZ building facility!

As for the build, if you recall I purchased a small USB module from GRT that allows to me port video into the EFIS from a RCA-jacked micro video camera.  The inset in the lower left corner of the EFIS shows you my previously reported successful test with this added feature.  Not bad.

Again, I went on the AeroElectric Connection forum to see about creating an auto-switching device that would take video feeds from multiple cameras and output them via a RCA jack to the USB EFIS video input module.  Moreover, this new device needed to cycle through the cameras automatically, every 3-5 seconds (or whatever timeframe the user chooses).  Finally, it also allows for the user to toggle straightway to the camera wanting to be viewed without having to wait for the cameras to cycle through.

Well, Eric Page on the AEC forum has been gracious enough to take on this project, and along with Alec Meyers, has been working to build this video auto-switching device.  He did, however, need some data off an EFIS with the video capability (e.g. mine) and to do so it required I purchase a cheap video switching unit off Ebay.

In short, Eric & Alec needed to know if the EFIS would lose synch with the video feed if it were switched from one video input to another.   I’m happy to report that other than about less than a half-second distortion in-between, the video switches from one to the other with no issues.

I’m also glad I could fit this test before I head out on my sojourn to NC.  With that, I’ll see you all on the other side (as in, December).

Happy Thanksgiving!



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