Chapter 22/24 – Your seat, please!

I got a lot of stuff done today although from only the two pics below you may not know it.

I started off doing a hard assessment on the airflow under the pilot seat thigh support wedge that also serves as a cross-fuselage air duct for providing heat up to my right foot. I calculated the airflow a number of different times and finally decided that the internal baffle the I was considering glassing in (essentially a false duct floor) was not needed so I pressed forward.

I micro’d the 1/4″ front wedge extension piece –or spacer– onto the bottom of the front 1/4″ vertical wedge wall.  I then glassed it in place with 1 ply of BID.

A number of hours later I razor trimmed the edges.

In addition to the above layup, I also did an extensive assessment on the components that will get installed into the left PIC armrest.  I played a bit of Tetris figuring out exactly how all the bits n pieces would fit.  Specifically, I took a hard look at the oil heat and seat warmer wiring and components’ space requirements.  This of course is all in prep so that in the next week or two I can start installing the left armrest console and internal components.

Lastly (again, no pics) I spent well over an hour designing and cutting the pieces for the PIC/GIB air distribution valve (valve #3).  I think tomorrow I should finally get valve #3 mounted into the ductwork so that I can install the GIB area air & heat ducts.


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