Chapter 23 – Assembly required!

I wanted to get some glass curing ASAP this morning, so I started off by trimming and mating the two halves of the #2 armpit air intake scoop.

Here’s a shot of the inside of the second scoop, ready to be joined together initially by internal 1-ply BID tapes.

Here we have the inside of #2 armpit intake scoop glassed with 1-ply BID tapes, and the first armpit intake scoop glassed on the outside mating edges with 2 plies of BID. Both are peel plied and I set them aside to cure.

I then got to work on the original plans lower cowling 5-ply BID mounting flanges that I laid up yesterday.

I started by pulling the wood forms out from underneath the layups.

And then pulling the peel ply off the inside of the layups.

I then marked a cut line on each flange at 1.6″ from the face of the CS spar.

And trimmed the flanges with my Fein saw.  I then quickly hit the edges with a sanding block to clean them up.

A few hours later I pulled the peel ply and cleaned up armpit intake #1, which looks great.

I also pulled the peel ply from the internal layups on armpit intake #2, and then laid up 2-ply BID tapes on the external seams and left it cure overnight.  I of course peel plied these layups.

Another shot of the glassed armpit intake scoops.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out of town for a quick overnight trip, so I won’t have hardly any plane building going on this weekend.

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