Chapter 23 – Delays & sanding

Today was all about sanding… and more sanding.

And dealing with a technical issue with GoDaddy that apparently was so egregious that they suspended this website… I had 3 backup database files from early 2016 on the root directory of the server.  After multiple phone calls and hours of brushing off an old FTP client to fix the world-ending issue to extricate myself from the geek doghouse, I was once again deemed worthy in their eyes to be allowed to have my website back on the ether!

Remember my rant a few weeks back about geeks and techies?!  Well . . . .

Just prior to me finding out about my near-unpardonable techno-sin, I had finally finished sanding the inside surfaces of each half of the split air induction tubes… around 45 minutes per side.  Overall the inside surfaces were pretty decent, but I wanted smoother: my goal was to take them from a guesstimated 50-60% smoothness factor to 85+% smoothness factor… general made up officious-sounding terms here.

Once sanded, I slathered the holes, divots and imperfections with a concoction of micro + West 410 and set them aside to cure.

I had planned on sanding them an hour or so earlier but then came all the drama with the website hosting.

Returning back to the shop, I spent around 45 minutes a piece (again) sanding the internal surfaces of each air induction tube half.

This round of sanding got the inside surfaces of these suckers pretty darn smooth.

But to take it to the next level and to really seal in the slightly porous surface of the sanded micro, just as with micro finishing the airplane surfaces for paint, I spent my evening hours applying 3 rounds of epoxy wipes to the internal surface of the split air induction tube halves… only here I’m using MGS vs West epoxy for the wipes.

Here we have the first of three rounds of epoxy wipes on the inside surfaces of the air induction tubes.

And with that dear readers, I called it a night.  Hopefully tomorrow I can finally get these bad boys recombined into one tube, eh?!

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