Chapter 23 – GIB throttle reverse mod

Today was all about converting the GIB throttle quadrant to a reverse configuration style to allow it to be slaved to the front seat pilot throttle lever.

As shown here in these “before” pics this is simply a single-lever throttle-only quadrant with no friction lock.

After a decent amount of assessment, mental visualization and even a bit a math, I decided that I was simply going to lop off the bottom piece of the quadrant frame, where the current pivot point resides . . .

Flip that piece upside down and tuck it up under the existing quadrant top frame crossbar…

Trim it down just a har on each (now) lower corner and remove the newly “freed” legs on each side . . .

Clean up the removed leg pieces to make myself a “Reverse Quadrant Kit” . . . (no other aluminum was harmed in the conversion of this throttle quadrant!).

And then rivet all the pieces together.

Voila!  A reverse style throttle quadrant with the lever pivot point in the middle vs the bottom.

Here’s the backside rivets and assembly …

I then played around with some mock-up levers —as we have here as well— to determine the handle attach point and distance from pivot point to the cable attach hole on the bottom.  I’m sure I’ll go through a half dozen more of these by the time I get to the final configuration.

These pics may make it seem like all this happened fairly quickly, and some steps did, but overall I spent well over 5 hours on this endeavor.  Tomorrow I plan on getting this thing at least initially installed onto the back seat sidewall.

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