Chapter 23 – Just blinging around

Today was a light build day given I had a bunch of errands to run and a social event with Jess this evening.

After getting a late start with prepping for other non-build stuff for the day, I finally got into the shop mid-afternoon to pull the peel ply and clean up yesterday’s oil cooler mount layups.  They all looked good, and I guess you’ll have to trust me on that since I didn’t realize this pic was fuzzy until I uploaded it.

I ran back out to get some other stuff done, and upon my return home I knew I would be heading out to pick up Jess as soon as she was done playing chauffeur for her grandmother.  I had more layups to do of course but didn’t want to have to try rush those or be in the middle of one when I needed to leave.

Instead I started a small project that I could drop and leave out on immediately if need be: I would add some Hi-Vis tape bling to the oil check door hinge.  Since my hinge is spring loaded I want to ensure that I know that it’s open any time that it is, so I figured this would be some cheap, albeit flashy, insurance to help with that.

Since the original width of the red and white stripes on the tape were almost twice as wide as what I have on the hinge, I had to do some rather detailed (and straight!) cutting to get the visual that I was looking for… essentially red & white “down arrows” (chevrons) for CLOSE THIS!

I will note that as I was out I was able to pick up a number of items I need to set up a test rig for the eventual cable latch setup I plan to install for the oil door.

In addition, my Pro-Set epoxy and some carbon fiber was delivered today (but no hardener, yet).

And with my light build day in the books, I’m calling it a night!

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