Chapter 23 – Left major baffles in

Well, yet another day and more goals NOT reached!

I had planned on getting the cylinder #2 standoff supports machined/cut out and glued on today, but too many holiday social planning and prep events filled my day.

I was able to remove the tape, weight and wedges off of the left top outboard inter-cylinder baffle, which is the completion of all the major inner CF baffle pieces on the left side of the engine.  I do still have an inter-cylinder piece (plus bracket) that needs to go in between the base baffles to fill that void (right around the orange fuel line).

Again, the weather has been pretty darn cold here as well, so that isn’t helping things.  I will try to get out to the shop tomorrow and get the cylinder #2 standoff supports made and glued in place…. but the way things have been playing out this holiday season, I ain’t promising anything!

Inching forward…

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