Chapter 23 – Ramps & prop

I started today by pulling the first half of the spinner prop cutout template off of the spinner.

I then whipped up some more West epoxy and wetted out a bunch more scrap UNI pieces to create the second half of the spinner prop cutout template.

Here’s another shot of the second layup, with the cured first half in the foreground.

I the pulled the peel ply off the 3-ply carbon fiber sheet that will be the stock material for cutting out the bottom cowling’s armpit intake ramps… again, 2 each side.

I then taped the armpit intake ramp templates to the 3-ply CF sheet.

To ensure I kept my cut lines correct, I outlined the paper templates with a white paint pen.

I then took the whole setup outside and cut the armpit intake ramps out of the 3-ply CF sheet with my trusty Fein saw.

I left the templates taped to the CF for now since they need some fine tuning (sanding) around the edges.

I’ve been working my plan to construct the aft interface between the top and bottom cowlings, and hopefully can kick that off tomorrow.

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