Chapter 23 – Throttle/mixture final steps

I started off first thing this morning by Dremeling, sanding and cleaning up the back (outboard) wall of the throttle friction lock pocket in the armrest.  Although the stainless steel plate I then floxed into place is only 0.02″ thick, I tried to make it so that it had zero intrusion into the vertical plane of the slot that the lever pivots in.

I did expose a few areas of foam as I prepped the back wall area, so I used wet micro on those, and on the other areas I used flox before clamping the stainless steel backplate into place.  I then left it to cure.

A task that I’ve had on my to-do list for awhile was using a die to add more threads to the cold air plenum mounted throttle and mixture cable bracket bolts.  These bolts have drilled heads for safety wire, and are pretty much the correct length (with an extra washer or two) but the threads only go up about half way on the bolt shaft as you can see below in the comparison to a fully threaded bolt.

I secured the die in the chuck jaws on my lathe and used a wrench to turn the bolt to add more threads to the 2 mixture cable bracket bolts.

Here’s the first of the pair of mixture cable bracket bolts.  After I installed these I did another short segment for my video.

And since the flox was cured by this point on the stainless steel back plate on the armrest, I pulled it and redid that segment as well.  I then threw those into the video, did a quick edit and posted the video online.

Here it is.

I have another video in the works on the Fuel Injection Servo, the air induction tube and RAM air can that I’ll be working on/finishing up over the next couple of days, along with a bunch of smaller tasks on my to-do list.  I expect within the next 2-3 days I’ll be back on the engine full bore, beginning with trimming and dialing in the exhaust pipes vs lower cowling.

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