Chapter 23 – Top cowl aft edge

I had to take my vehicle to the original dealership where I bought it for its annual checkup in order to maintain my warranty.  The dealership is 1.5 hours away with the appointment taking a couple of hours.  I took Jess and we stopped off to do some quick shopping in New Bern along the way… thus today was a fairly light build day.

One new identified task on my list that I wanted to knock out tonight was reattaching the top cowl aft edge that I cut off.  I will make a second attempt at retrimming, just nearly quite so much this time around!  And just enough to provide good clearance between spinner/flow guide and the top cowl aft edge.  If you saw my blog post yesterday comparing my cowl to spinner configuration vs my buddy Dave Berenholtz’s, then you’ll completely understand why.

I started off by taping the top cowl cut aft edge back into place, and then secured it with hot glued wood stick pieces.

I removed the top cowling, flipped it and then mashed dry flox into the larger gaps of the intersection between cowl and trimmed-off piece.

I then laid up a single ply of carbon fiber the entire length with the CF strip measuring a little over an inch wide.  I then peel plied the layup.

After about 20 minutes I reattached the top cowling and then laid up a single ply CF patch on the top center of the cowling where there is an indented joggle from the original mold.  I then peel plied that as well.

Here is my added-back Top Cowl aft edge.  There will be more layups on the outboard sides when I integrate the top cowling with the bottom cowling, so I have no concerns about this small strip staying put.

Tomorrow, after I clean up this layup, I’ll get back onto contouring the bottom cowl right and left side added foam surfaces and prep them for their respective layups.

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