Chapter 23 – Trimming left baffles

I started off today with marking and trimming the left front baffle wall at the outside corner since it was preventing the top cowling from seating in place.

I then clecoed the front baffle wall to the forward left baffle segment (for cylinder #3) and marked the corner of the side baffle for trimming.

After trimming the left front side baffle as well, I then remounted all the left side baffles.

I should note that I also trimmed the inboard mounting tab and expanded the bolt hole aft a bit to allow me to install a mounting bolt in the tab.

I’m sure inside my house there is a 10-24 screw in the hardware bag included with the VAN’s baffle kit, but I keep forgetting to grab the hardware… this long 10-24 screw was the only one I could scrounge up in the shop so I used some larger nuts as a spacer to secure the lower outboard front left baffle in place.

I did one more round of marking and trimming the front left baffle corner and a couple spots along the top edge of the front left baffle.  Although much closer, I’m still not able to mount the top cowl fully in place.  I’m thinking the next round of trimming will be the one to do the trick.  BTW, I’m actually following the VAN’s baffle kit install manual in that it says to “be patient” when at this point of trimming the baffle height down to fit <wink>.  Again, it’s an iterative process!

I will note that I will most certainly have to extend the front wall baffle top center area up a few inches since the VAN’s front (rear in tractor aircraft) baffles are too short for the Mike Melvill CF Long-EZ cowlings.

Finally, I received the HTR-212 high temperature epoxy resin that I ordered from ACS for making the CF inter-cylinder baffles.  Moreover, I talked to my contact about getting the molds for these inter-cylinder baffles and he should be sending them to me at the beginning of next week.

Again, today was a short build day since Jess and I went to a concert tonight.  I was still able to get a couple of rounds of baffle trimming in, so the day wasn’t a total loss build wise.  Tomorrow I plan to press forward with both the engine baffles and the bottom cowling intake inboard walls and ramps.

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