Chapter 24 – Massive shop cleanup

Before I got started on my massive shop cleanup for the day —again, to facilitate as clean as possible application of paint— I wanted to get at least one actual build related task knocked out.

The micro and glass inlay on the notch I created —to allow clearance for the bottom edge of the fire extinguisher— on the very aft end of the left pilot armrest was one of those small nagging tasks that has needed to be done for quite a while now… so I whipped up some micro and filled in the somewhat jagged foam edge, then applied a ply of BID into the notch on the top side and a small BID patch on the bottom side to lock the top BID ply in place and add just a skooch of strength.

I then set this layup aside as I got busy on cleaning the shop.

Although it may not seem like it if you were to be standing in the workshop, but I spent nearly 8 hours today cleaning and organizing the shop.  Just about anything that could be moved was taken outside and either wiped down or blown off with the air hose —usually both— to remove all the dust… most of it from sanding down the micro finish on the bird.

Not only did I sweep the floors to get all the dust, dirt and debris removed, but after the front 3/4 of bay 1 & 2 were swept, I then started at the back of the shop and blew out all the remaining dust with the high pressure air hose.

Of course after sanding the copious amounts of “micro” finish on the bottom of the fuselage, nose, strakes and wings, there was a LOT of micro dust on the shop floor around the plane.  I’m happy to report that it is all gone now.

That being said, I still have at least another full day of cleaning and organizing to both get the shop cleaned, organized and optimized for not only the upcoming painting, but also the remainder of the build.

I finished my cleaning and organizing tasks at 2230 and called it a night.  Tomorrow will be a lot more of the same… charging forward!

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