Shop cleanup continues

The shop cleanup continues…

Yes, as I noted before, the time had finally come to get the shop cleaned up and organized.

Since everything in the shop is covered in micro dust, I’m removing just about every item, cleaning it and either placing it back into the shop in an organized fashion, or relocating it to somewhere outside the shop.

One big task I was able to accomplish was to get my carts situated so that they are now finally in use for what I bought them for: the white work table for glass work and the black cart for machining items . . .

And I finally got all my sanding boards and sandpaper wrangled in one place in the red cart, with the gray cart used for tools.

You can see in the pic above that I still need to clean off the big worktable and organize the current items on top of it, as well as the far workbench as well. I’ll also populate my pegboards and get tools, etc. organized and hung up.

I’ve been working on this cleanup for a good 8 hours a day for the last few days and figure I have at least another good 8 hours left to finish up this cleanup.

This should be the last major shop cleanup and organizing before I finish this bird.

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