Chapter 24 – Thigh support ribs installed

Today was a very busy day, primarily in a non-build way.  Still, first thing this morning I got up and pulled the peel ply, knife trimmed, sanded and cleaned up the 1-ply BID layup on each side of the 2 pilot seat thigh support ribs that previously was bare foam.

I then made a shallow channel in the foam on the front edge of each rib. I quickly whipped up some micro paste and filled these shallow foam channels. I then covered the micro on the front edge of the ribs with a piece of peel ply, respectively.

I then left for a good 6 hours to help some friends with some heavy lifting at their community yard sale.

In the few-hour break between returning home from the yard sale and a planned outing for dinner and a movie with some friends, I quickly prepped, micro’d and then glassed the left side thigh support rib in place.  In a rare occurrence, since I was going to be late, I thought I’d get gritty and earthy and throw caution to the wind by NOT peel plying the left rib BID tapes.  (Note the Adel clamp mounted into the face of the pilot seat thigh support wedge duct)

A few hours later, I then prepped, micro’d in place and then glassed the right pilot thigh support rib.  Since I’ll eventual reinsert and glass the lower rib notch piece –and since time was not a factor– I decided to peel ply the right side rib install layup.

Here’s a wider view of the entire pilot seat thigh support rib affair.

Tomorrow will also be a bit lighter than usual on the build since I have to prep for going to Marco’s in order to help him as much as possible prep his plane for flying to RR.  I will say that my main goal for tomorrow is the thigh support cover plate that makes up a good portion of the bottom of the pilot’s seat.



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