Chapter 25 – Black accent stripe

After the rain disrupted my plans yesterday, I had tried to get the fuselage taped up to allow me to paint the first coat of the black accent stripe paint… but alas, the painstaking task of taping up the edge of the existing blue paint proved to take too long so I punted it off for today.

I spent nearly a half hour per side simply applying the tape to the edge of the existing blue fuselage paint.  I then finished taping on paper to protect the blue paint from any errant application of the black accent stripe paint.

As you can see, I then painted up the black accent stripe on the nose, fuselage and strakes.

A bit after I painted the black accent stripes, I then spent a good hour sanding the blue paint on the canopy frame.  It sanded out fairly well and after just a couple of minor tweaks it will be ready for another round of blue paint.

I then spent a good little bit of time prepping & organizing the shop for wing removal, starting with the right wing.

I have to say, after having reversed that inboard wing bolt the wing comes off WAY easier now than it did before.

Here we have the wing/strake intersection lip on the wing.  Clearly there’s still foam and tape leftover from where I filled the gap for the initial intersection lip layups.

I then cleaned up the lip in prep for a 2-ply layup of BID that I’ll do first thing tomorrow.

I also cleaned up the underside of the wing/strake intersection lip (as it sits currently) on the strake.

It was simply too late to start any lay-ups ….  I plan on doing them first thing tomorrow.


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