Chapter 25 – Bottom cowl finish #2

Today I got a late start out in the shop, at least in part since I compiled and fired off an order for both white primer and white paint.  If all goes well, this should be the last of the paint and primer I need to finish painting this bird.

In addition, after another half hour search I finally found my 5/16″ Nord-lock washers for remounting my nose gear actuator back into the NG30 brackets.

Mid-afternoon, I pulled the bottom cowling outside to sand down the second application of “micro” fill.

The thickest application of West 410 was along the front bottom edge on the left side, to better align and match the cowling edge with the bottom of the aft fuselage.

After sanding down the bottom cowling, I mixed up some straight West 410 and applied it to a minor divot on the exterior surface of the landing brake… that I felt was a little too deep to be handled by one application of thick primer.

I also used the West 410 to slather up the belly video camera mount to prep it for finishing.

I also filled a couple pinholes on the bottom surface of the left wing with the West 410. Earlier, out of curiosity, I had used straight epoxy in an attempt to fill these pinholes, but that didn’t work.

Finally, I sanded the micro finish on the nose hatch door in prep for epoxy wipes.  I didn’t grab a pic of this, but will get one over the next day or two.

I had plans this evening so I wasn’t able to get back to work on the bottom gear fairing layups, but definitely plan to get back on it tomorrow.


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