Chapter 25 – Bottom cowl seam

I’ve been having an internal debate for the last couple of days whether to use pour foam covered with a ply of BID or simply apply “micro” to the side of the cowling to fill in the quite notable trough at the bottom cowl side interface with the aft fuselage side (on both sides fo the airplane).

I decided since I would have to do subsequent fills of micro that I would simply slather it on and go for it on the sides of the bottom cowling.  I had already marked off the approximate fill area, so I mixed up a bit of West 410 + micro and applied it.

I will note that I regret not getting some pics of the depression along the vertical seam of the bottom cowling and aft fuselage.  I will also note that I’m doing a minimal fill just to knock out the really obvious depression…. both for aesthetics and also for smoother airflow along this area of the fuselage/cowling.

Yes, these applications of “micro” or not the prettiest, but I’ll highlight again that this will be an iterative process.  First, getting the bottom cowling edges squared away a good bit, then I’ll start “the match” and work the aft fuselage side to get these areas as smooth, even and depression-free as possible.

With that, I left the “micro” to cure overnight (I did do a good bit of cheese grating about 6 hours later, but I didn’t get a shot of that…. yes, I’ve been a bit remiss on my pic taking duties).


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