Chapter 25 – More cowl seam tweaks

Today was yet another light build day, although I did get some stuff knocked out.

I taped up and clamped popsicle sticks pressed up against the cured flocro edge that I just filled in at the edge/seam gap between the bottom cowl and strake.  I wasn’t able to easily get up under the armpit scoop to fill in the remainder of the gap, so today I’m simply filling in the last few inches… using the taped stir sticks as a straight-line extension to the previous flocro.

Here is the right side strake aft edge flocro fill.

And the left.

I had previously sanded and prepped the area around the CAMLOC points on the vertical sides of the bottom cowl to allow me to also add a flocro “ring” around the CAMLOC mounting holes.

I’ve seen a fair number of Long-EZs where the holes have worn through at CAMLOC and screw points, and I didn’t want this to be the case on my bird.  Remember the ‘ol “egg on a can” example I used to describe my aft fuselage to bottom cowling interface?  The depression at the vertical side seams is actually more pronounced than what is depicted below.

Well, I’m filling that depression –on both sides (red arrows)– and this is the start of that effort.

Tomorrow I’ll continue on with my bottom cowling front edge tweaks.

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