Chapter 25 – More bottom cowl seam

Today was another light build day, but I was able to get some stuff done.

First off, I’ve been doing some pondering and some thinking of just how I’m going to install the EZ Point hard points (10-32 versions that arrived) on the bottom of the fuselage for the last securing hard points that need to be installed for the RAM air scoop.

My pilot holes reveal that I don’t have enough depth so I may have to follow suite with the threaded phenolic CAMLOC receptacle hard points that I installed just aft of these. Meaning I’ll have to go a layer deeper into the original bottom skin of the fuselage.  I’ll assess this a bit more before I decide on any specific course of action.

Back on the bottom cowling . . . after the initial sanding and shaping (separate action from the cheese-grating btw) I determined that I was in need of another round of “micro” fill before I remounted the bottom cowling onto the airplane —to “build” the other, fuselage side up to mitigate the significant side depressions at the bottom cowling sides to aft fuselage interface.

For round #2 fill I went with straight West 410 and filled in the surface imperfections and added a bit around the edges where it transitioned into the bottom cowling carbon fiber skin.

I then did the same on the other side.

I then left the “micro” finish refill to cure overnight.

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