Chapter 25 – Finished wing undersides

My cell phone screen was cracked so I was unable to take & post pics for a few days until I got a new one.  In the meantime I finished the sanding and contouring of the right wing’s bottom surface. Again, as much as will be done before the fuselage is flipped upright and the winglets attached.

And here is another shot of the finished left wing bottom surface.

Note that in these pics I’ve remounted the bottom cowling and am starting the multi-day assessment and micro-fill process of tweaking all the interfacing edges of the bottom cowling.

I also removed all the protective tape from the edges of the nose gear fairing and nose gear doors.  I then cleaned up the micro edges of these respective depressions to allow the gear to cycle freely, with the nose gear fairing and doors seating cleanly and with a bit of clearance all around.

Part of my tasks in the next couple of days is to do the final sanding of the micro on the bottom of the fuselage and nose to very closely match the elevation of the nose gear fairing and doors… just some minor tweaking.

Again, I’ll also continue working the edge interfaces on the bottom cowling and get that tweaked pre-fuselage-flip back upright.

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