Chapter 25 – Paint Prep, etc.

Today was yet another lackluster day on the build due to me helping a friend with getting their car fixed, which burned up a few hours.  That being said, I did still get a few significant things done.

First, I was able to flocro up the nose gear doors and the nose gear strut fairing.  I then set them aside to cure.

Next, I whipped up some straight West 410 “micro” fill to apply to the divots and deep scratches on the bottom right strake “micro” fill.

I then carefully pulled the protective tape from the perimeter of the interior landing brake and carefully taped up the inboard perimeter of the now painted area.  This obviously leaves the outer edge to be primed then painted.

Which leads me to the paint itself.  I spent well over an hour reviewing the painting process and procedures for the Epifanes 2-part polyurethane paint system that I will be using.  I specifically focused on getting the process dialed in for applying primer to the landing brake outer edge that I just exposed, before taping up the interior paint surface to protect it.

With that all in the bag, I called it a night.


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