Chapter 25 – Primer, round 2

Today, after a lot of fiddly surface prep, taping, etc. I was able to lay down a nice thick coat of white primer on the bottom airplane surfaces: fuselage, nose, strakes and wings.

As I did with the gray primer, I thickened the Epifanes 2-part polyurethane white primer with a good bit of micro.

Since white is a good base color, added to the fact that I really don’t want to have to apply any more primer, I applied this coat on fairly thickly using considerably more primer this time around than I did with the gray primer… about 3/4 of a “quart” (750 gm) can more.

I have to say I’m pleased with the result and think I have a good base coat for the paint.

Although I’m sure there will be a few low areas requiring just a bit more thickened, high build primer before painting ensues.

As I’ve stated before, the adhesion and durability of this primer is notable as you work with it… and so far this really seams to be a high quality paint system.

Of course I had to include a nose shot…. really liking the lines of the bird thus far, especially with it all in ONE color!

I also applied a good thick coat of the white primer to the landing brake as well.

And with that, I left the newly white primed aircraft surfaces to cure.

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