Chapter 25 – Primer touchups

With so many parts currently painted and curing, today was a rather light build day.

With the upcoming painting of the bottom of the fuselage, nose and strakes, I did get some important reapplications and touchups of white primer completed.  On the strake, fuselage and nose I used straight white primer, where on the aft bottom left “corner” of the fuselage (where I added some West 410) I used thickened white primer.

I also did some touchups on the right side fuselage, nose, and strake, including the corner junction between the fuselage and strake.

Not wanting to waste the little bit of thickened white primer left in my cup, I quickly disassembled my swing down taxi light, taped up the lens and then applied the primer to face of it.  I of course cleaned and sanded the face of the taxi light assembly before applying the primer.

Tomorrow I plan on sanding down all the parts I painted blue and then prep the nose, fuselage strakes in prep for paint.


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