Chapter 25 – Sanding bottom primer

Based on my latest bottom cowling test fit on the fuselage, today I started off by slathering up the areas requiring micro finish refill.

I may need one more refill session for just a few areas I may have missed, but this fill session gets me really close to complete on the bottom cowling “micro” finish.

Whilst I was in the micro finish mode, I went ahead and sanded and cleaned the top nose hatch door to prep the glass for micro.

Which I then mixed up and slathered on.  Note that since I do plan on painting the top of the fuselage, canopy frame and nose the medium blue I concocted, I will not be putting on or mixing in any of the West 410 filler since it should not be used under darker colors if subject to direct sunlight.

I the grabbed my landing brake which had a good coat of white primer on it.  As par usual, I used the landing brake as a test piece to try sanding it with my orbital sander with 220 grit paper loaded up.

I have to say it worked very well.

So well in fact, that I spent the next 3.5+ hours sanding the white primer on the bottom of the fuselage, nose, strakes and wings with the orbital sander loaded with 220 grit sandpaper as an initial block sanding of the primer (sorry, no pics).

Tomorrow I’ll hand wet sand the primer to really dial it for paint (preferably) or a subsequent round of primer.

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