Chapter 25 – Still paint prepping!

Today I started off by finalizing an Aircraft Spruce order mainly for some odd and end hardware stuff, including CAMLOCs, NORD lock washers, and restock of miscellaneous screws and bolts.  I also ordered the correct <ahem!> rivets (BSC-44) for mounting the rudder hinges to the rudders.

I then got to work on sanding and contouring the cured West 410 filler I applied to the lower aft left fuselage “corner” to level out the surfaces betwixt the fuselage and bottom cowling.

I was pleased with the shape and transition, but I had to then check one more thing: the interface between this fresh West 410 fill and the left gear fairing.  The impact was very minimal so I pressed onward.

I then whipped up a bit of West epoxy and applied it to the surface of the West 410 fill and the immediate adjacent fuselage surface.  This was epoxy wipe #1 of 3.

This is much later after I applied epoxy wipe #3, with it nearly cured to the touch.

I then finalized my sanding on the RAM air scoop/hell hole hatch cover before then applying yet another round of thickened white primer… primarily to the 2 areas on the aft side where I had slight depressions.  I also touched up a couple spots along the right flange (bottom of pic) near the corner where it intersects the scoop structure.

Finally, I used some of the thickened white primer to add just a dollop at the the aft center where I had a remaining low/rough spot.  I’m fairly positive that this latest round of white primer should clean up the blemishes on the surfaces of these parts to get them ready for paint.

And with that, I called it a night.

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