Chapter 26 – Initial Cockpit Paint

I started off today pulling the peel ply and cleaning up the layups on the GIB left sub-panel.

With no rain and a high of 67º forecasted, I then got to work sanding, prepping and taping off the cockpit for paint.  I missed my target time by a few hours, but I was still able to get this guy out the door, apply a couple of medium coats of primer followed by a couple coats of Rustoleum gray stone paint (just like the canopy and armrests).

The rest of this post is simply a smattering of shots of the painted interior cockpit.  Here we have the front seat area.

And the GIB area, including the newly mounted side sub-panels.

And the pilot seat sidewalls.

And the back seat.

If the weather holds in the next day or so I’ll clear coat the paint with a matte clear.


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