Chapter 3 – Tooling up: Mill CNC

This blog post covers both today and yesterday.

Yesterday I focused on my Fog Buster system control circuit design and install.  The Fog Buster is both a pressured-air chip-clearing and a lubrication-dispensing nozzle that is set up and aimed at the part being machined, either on the mill or the lathe.

I designed a circuit that would not only allow the milling machine Acorn relay board control of the Fog Buster. but also to switch out control of the Fog Buster between the respective mill and lathe CNC controllers.

Today I got to work mounting the back plate into the control box and then finalizing the installation of all the components onto the control box back plate.  This included the 3 large toroidal stepper motor power supplies across the top, the 3 blue stepper motor drivers down the right side, and the Acorn CNC board down in the lower left corner.

Here we have a shot of the populated control box with the door closed.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the wiring inside the CNC control box and hopefully get this thing mounted on the wall.

Please remember, the primary purpose of getting this milling machine online is to make parts FOR THE LONG-EZ!

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