Chapter 4/22 – Panel Cut

In one of our conversations my buddy Marco asked if I had cut out the panel yet, so I sent I sent him this . . . Yep! (yuk-yuk) 

Of course this is the cardboard panel cutout… that I drew up in Fusion 360 CAD and then Marco precisely drew out for me on cardboard using his plasma cutting machine as a high-end plotter.

As a point of note, I’ve made a final decision to go with 0.090″ thick 6061T6 as my panel material.

Back to some CNC Tooling Up: To help organize some of the myriad of parts I have on hand, I decided what better way to keep track of them other than simply install them?!

So I took a few hours to do some final design work, then some drilling and Dremel Tool cutting to add some of the loose components to my Lathe CNC Enclosure (AKA “Tool Box”).

I started with with each end, and below is the left end as facing the front of the tool box.  

From the lower left hand corner, going clockwise, we have the power plug compression mount, a fuse holder with 10 A fuse, the spindle encoder cable compression mount, the lighted ON/OFF switch, and the CAT5e port.

So far on the right side I was only able to get the X-axis and Z-axis stepper motor compression mounts installed.

Towards the middle of the right end of the Lathe CNC Control Enclosure will be a large cooling fan, and also another wire entry port(s) for the E-Stop Switch and the Home/Limit switches wires.

Back upstairs –under some very harsh lighting– I grabbed a couple shots of the interior of the box where I drilled the mounting holes to vertically mount both 36V power supplies and both Hybrid Stepper Motor Drives (blue components).

Tomorrow I plan on drilling one more set of holes on the floor of the Lathe CNC enclosure to mount the Centroid Acorn 24V/5V power supply, then I’ll work a bit mounting the Acorn main board and relay bank on the upper removable shelf of the Lathe CNC enclosure.

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