Chapter 6 – Fuselage Repaired!!!


Fuselage Repaired!

Fuselage Repaired!

Whew!  I removed the clamps and nails from the triangular stringers and ALL LOOKS GOOD!  Again, the fuselage is repaired and I can move on!

The side panels looked good & everything appears nice and strong!  The curvature of fuselage sides looks good.  There’s just a faint bit of a flat spot on the right side fuselage, but nothing to warrant concern.

Right Side Fuselage Repaired

Left Side Fuselage RepairedBut . . .

There ain’t no rest for the wicked!!

So I cleaned up the work shop and prepped for knocking out (aka “fixing”) the fuselage bottom.

Chapter 6 Step 2 of 2 – Building & Installing Fuselage Bottom

If you remember back to my issues prior to leaving Virginia during the glass layup of the fuselage bottom, you’ll remember that I had to rip the back half of the glass off.  What remained was a lot of epoxy and micro.  That epoxy and micro is now in a state that I call “dead micro” and “dead epoxy”.  It’s there & present, but it ain’t doing anything for ya (or me actually).  So in order to make a fresh layup of glass I need to remove all that epoxy and micro down to fresh foam.  This actually equates to a thickness around maybe .05″ on average, a maybe just a couple places just under 1/10th of an inch.  But for the most part, not very thick.  My tool of choice here?  I choose Dremel.  It might take a while, but it’s got to be done!

So tonight, fresh of the victory of getting the fuselage back on line, I’m going to try to get a chunk of this back half of the fuselage bottom knocked out.


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