Chapter 9 – Gear fairing final steps

I started out this morning by whipping up some thick micro and applied it to the trough along the TE on both gear fairings.  I then peel plied the micro with 1″ wide peel ply tape.

Right gear fairing micro'd TE

Left gear fairing micro'd TE

Later on in the afternoon I razor trimmed the TE on each side.  Then in evening I pulled all the peel ply both off the cured TE micro and the off the topside UNI overlap onto the lower UNI skin.  I then sanded the aft fairing TE on each side.

Gear fairings - aft view

After I finished up with the gear fairing, I rounded up all the wheel pant components to have them on hand as I start moving towards installing them.

Wheel pants "inventory"

I’ll be gone most of the day tomorrow (Friday) so I won’t be working on the plane, and Saturday will be a bit busy as well.  I will be attempting to check the Toe-in Saturday, Sunday at the latest.


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