Chapter 9 – Look Ma, no Clecos!

Today I finished the installation of the wheel pants… at least the major heavy lifting as far as the hardware installation is concerned. I still have one more CAMLOC assembly to install (maybe 2 even) and some minor tweaks with pant-to-tire clearance at the bottom wheel openings.

Here is my finishing up the left side wheel pant mid-hardware install.

And a shot of the finished left wheel pant, replete with installed screw and CAMLOC attach points.

And an inboard look at the left wheel pant.

Can’t let an event like this go to waste, so a couple shots of both wheel pants together.

With this task out of the way, I can obviously focus my time on other parts of the build.

I have to say I’m extremely pleased with how the wheel pants turned out. Of course I think they’ll look even better once they’re finished and painted!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Look Ma, no Clecos!

    • Thanks my friend. Nice to have them ‘in the bag’ and pressing forward. Just a TAD BIT more than the 40 hours they estimate for building and installing, but well worth it in the end!

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