Chapter 9 – Wheel pants widening . . .

. . . is complete!

Today I started off by pulling the peel ply and trimming the overhanging glass on the front wheel pant pieces.  As far as widening, these are done!

Trimmed & finished front-side wheel pants

I then removed the 1″ urethane foam spacers from the aft wheel pant sides in the same fashion as I did the front pieces.

Removing foam spacer from aft side wheel pantsRemoving foam spacer from aft side wheel pants

I cleaned off the hot glue and scraped off any extra foam remnants from the interior junctions.

Removing foam spacer from aft side wheel pants

Below are both rear wheel pant sides ready to be prepped for the interior 1-ply BID layup that will finalize the widening of the wheel pants.

Foam spacers removed, ready for glass prep

And here’s a shot of the wheel pants after I took them outside and Dremelled the edges of the “old” existing wheel pants to provide a bevelled transition to allow the BID a better grip.  As with the front wheel pant sides, I also gave all the surface areas that will be glassed a good sanding with 32 grit sandpaper.

Aft wheel pant pieces ready for glass

Finally,  here’s a shot of the interior 1-ply BID layups on the aft side wheel pants pieces. Again, as with the front wheel pant pieces, I peel plied the opening areas.

Aft side wheel pants interior glass

Tomorrow I’ll do a final cleaning & shaping on these, and then start in on the next few steps of prepping the wheel pants for installation.



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